Cardinal Ortega Chooses Path of Pius XII

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Cardinal Ortega Chooses Path of Pius XII

Cuba’s Cardinal Jaime Ortega has dishonored the memory of all the courageous priests throughout Eastern Europe, Africa and Central America that have risked and even lost their lives protecting dissidents from tyrants.

Instead, he’s chosen the path of Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli (who later became Pope Pius XII), who signed the infamous Reichskonkordat between the Holy See and Nazi government, which solely guaranteed the “rights” of the Catholic Church in Germany.

According to the BBC:

Catholic dissidents evicted from Havana church

Cuban dissidents who had occupied a church in Havana to demand an audience with Pope Benedict when he visits later this month, have been evicted.

The group of 13 want the Pope to press Cuba’s communist government on issues such as the release of political prisoners and an end to repression.

The protesters were removed from the Church of Charity in central Havana late on Thursday at the request of the city’s Cardinal [Jaime Ortega].

And almost simultaneously, according to the AP:

The Vatican says Pope Benedict XVI will be available should Fidel Castro ask to meet with the pontiff when he visits Cuba later this month.

Asked about a possible Fidel Castro-pope meeting at a media briefing Friday, Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi said that if Castro “wants to, the pope will be available.” Benedict arrives in Cuba from Mexico on March 26.

But not with Cuba’s dissidents, of course.

It’s clear where the Catholic Church’s priorities stand.

No wonder Castro’s Ambassador to the Holy See said yesterday that the regime and the Church are “speaking the same language.”

2 thoughts on “Cardinal Ortega Chooses Path of Pius XII”

  1. Great comparison between the popes. Puis XII is referred to as Hitler’s pope. Let’s make Benefict Castro’s pope and forever shame his immoral relativism.

  2. The immoral relativism that Pius XII engaged during WW2 and Benedict XVI is engaging now are totally inconsistent with Jesus Christ’s gospel.

    Why individuals that are supposed to represent Jesus Christ Church and values on earth deviate so much from it is beyond my comprehension.

    Witnessing Benedict XVI actions these days I can understand much better why Jews have such an issue with the late Pope Pius XII.

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