Federal Judge grants convicted Cuban spy permission to visit Cuba


It is one of those stories that you just know how it is going to end. A federal judge in Miami granted a request made by convicted Cuban spy Rene Gonzalez to temporarily return to Cuba to visit an ailing brother. The judge may as well have suspended the remaining time on Gonzalez’ probation and thrown a going away party for him because once he gets out of the U.S. and into Cuba, he ain’t never coming back.

Judge Grants Cuban Spy’s Request To Visit Brother

(AP) – A federal judge in Miami has granted a convicted Cuban spy’s request to return home temporarily to visit a brother suffering from lung cancer.

According to Monday’s order, Rene Gonzalez must return from Cuba within two weeks of his departure. Gonzalez is on probation after his release from federal prison last fall.

The Justice Department argued against the request, arguing in a court filing last week that Gonzalez could get new spying instructions if he met with Cuban intelligence officials.

Gonzalez is one of the so-called “Cuban Five” convicted of spying on Cuban exiles in South Florida and attempting to infiltrate military installations and political campaigns. One of the five also was convicted of murder conspiracy for the 1996 shooting down of “Brothers to the Rescue” planes.

5 thoughts on “Federal Judge grants convicted Cuban spy permission to visit Cuba”

  1. Celia Cruz, a glory of Cuba, was not allowed to visit Cuba for her mother’s funeral. This convicted criminal gets far better treatment. Nauseating.

  2. I am not quite sure that he won’t be back.
    Returning would play right into the castro propaganda machine.
    What the US should do is then ask that Gross be allowed to visit his ill family member.

  3. Anyone else smell a setup here? Timing is everything, will Alan Gross be allowed a family visit just as the media is focused on Cuba and the Pope’s visit?

  4. I don’t reside in Miami; thus, I really don’t know what is the exact level of decay regarding “el exilio” but if following release this c%^k sucker roamed through Miami without a care, a consequence, or “an accident” let’s be realistic, we might as well call it quits.

    By the way, who the hell is ever released from prison because their brother has cancer? NOBODY, that’s who, give me a break.

    This nation’s (USA) long history of foreign policy moronity, two-face betrayals, and subservient complicity with Castro is beyond stink by now. No one bother talk to me about the values of USA for the truth and reliability of Uncle Sam’s values are one worth two craps in my book.

    In the second half of the 20th century the only true American leader with such values was Ronald Reagan and that’s it (and let’s not forget he almost got impeached given what he was dealing with).

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