Reflections of the ‘Cuba Expert’: Ladies in White arrested, but it’s all good

Our favorite “Cuba Expert,” the erudite and infinitely wise in all things Cuba Phil Peters, did something rare yesterday on his blog, The Cuban Triangle: He actually mentioned that Cuban human rights activists were arrested.

Usually, Mr. Peters is too much of a “Cuba Expert” to delve into trivial and unimportant matters such as the rampant political repression and violence against dissidents that takes place in Cuba on a daily basis. He prefers to dedicate his valuable time and his considerable intellect to more important topics, such as the number of new restaurants opening in Havana and the latest mojito recipe being offered at the Castro Interests Section in Washington D.C.

Yesterday, however, Phil Peters took a detour from his usual in-depth reporting, such as the impact that new shoeshine operations popping up all over Havana may have on the Cuban shoe industry, and in an apparent moment of levity, he addressed the Cuban dictatorship’s brutal crackdown on Cuba’s human rights activists this past weekend:

Dozens of dissidents were detained Sunday as they gathered for a march, and “by Sunday evening, many had been released and some driven back to their homes.”

Since we are just Cubans and not “Cuba Experts,” we missed the true story behind the dozens of arrests in Cuba this past weekend. You see, the story is not that the Ladies in White were arrested, the story is that the Castro dictatorship let them all go by Sunday evening and was magnanimous enough to drive some of them back home.

As dumb Cubans, all we see is “Ladies in White Arrested.” However, it takes the learned mind of a savvy “Cuba Expert” to put the entire incident into perspective: “Ladies in White arrested, but the regime let them go and even drove a few home. It’s all good.”

One day, when I grow up, I want to be a “Cuba Expert” just like Phil Peters.