Cuban government busily preparing for pope’s visit

The visit by Pope Benedict XVI is only days away, and under the complete control of dictator Raul Castro, the Cuban government has been busily preparing for the historic visit. Leaving nothing to chance, the Castro regime has dispatched throughout the island its considerable resources to prepare for the papal visit and ensure the scheduled events take place without any embarrassing snags.

Here is a partial list of the Castro dictatorship’s preparations currently taking place in Cuba for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit:

  • Human rights activist Marta Beatriz Roque is currently under siege and trapped inside her home with Cuban political police surrounding the residence. In addition, the Castro regime has cut off both her home phone and cell phone lines to prevent her from communicating with anyone. (Hablalo Sin Miedo)
  • Juan Carlos Vazquez Osoria, a peaceful human rights activist, was arbitrarily arrested by Cuban State Security outside his wife’s place of employment in Holguin, Cuba. (Hablalo Sin Miedo)
  • More than one hundred pro democracy activists were arrested in the eastern Cuban province of Granma when they took to the streets in a peaceful protest. Witnesses report that the Castro regime reacted quickly and brutally, sending hundreds of security personnel armed with batons to violently quash the protest and arrest the activists. (Hablemos Press)
  • Berta Soler, the leader of the Ladies in White Laura Pollan, reports that her husband, former prisoner of conscience Angel Moya, is still missing since his arrest by Castro State Security last Sunday. (Hablalo Sin Miedo)
  • Karina Quintana Hernandez, a member of the Ladies in White, reports that she along with other members of the group were apprehended and deported from the capital of Havana back to their home towns by Castro State Security agents. (Hablalo Sin Miedo)

5 thoughts on “Cuban government busily preparing for pope’s visit”

  1. If by some wonderful chance any of this is getting out to members of the church, they have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do.
    But perhaps this is evidence of the fear the Castros have when a few individuals not mobs, are so terrifying, they must hide them from the real world.
    Fear is a good beginning…

  2. Honey,
    If the Catholics living in the safety of freedom here in the US do nothing what makes you think those within the church on the island will do anything? Hate to be negative, but it is a proven fact. Petitions and letters will do nothing. Only action where they feel it will get their attention and the fear runs deep within the RCC. Most, not all as we have some of our own here at Babalublog taking a stand, the Roman Catholics are paralyzed by their fear of going against what they believe is “the church”. Thank God it is not “the church” as if it were it would mean God’s church was a disaster. This too will pass and the RCC will say “move along now nothing to see here” and the sheep will go on with their lives. Harsh? Yes. Someone has to wake up the people who can make the greatest difference and those are the members of the RCC as they can influence the actions of their denominations where others cannot.

  3. As for action as I feel that to complain without a suggestion is cowardly. Totally boycott masses until things change. Totally withdraw any and all financial support.
    You will then see a change.

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