Castro regime denies entry to Miami journalists covering papal visit

Via Café Fuerte (my translation):

Cuba denies entry to Miami journalists covering visit by pope

The Cuban government denied visas to South Florida’s principal media outlets who sought press credentials to cover the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the island.

None of the Spanish language television stations in Miami received an entry permit into Cuba to cover the papal visit this March 26th through the 28th. The Univision and Telemundo networks will have access to the island through news crews led by correspondents based in Mexico City.

“The reporters proposed by Univision – Chanel 23, Telemundo – 51, and AmericaTeve – channel 41 were denied entry,” said a source from the Center for the International Press (CPI) in Havana, which is in charge of providing press credentials. “There was a clear policy in regards to the people from Miami.”

6 thoughts on “Castro regime denies entry to Miami journalists covering papal visit”

  1. But it is simple. You don’t want to have people report on this great event unless they are Cuba experts.

  2. Is it just me or is anyone else sick and disgusted by wenski and all of these “pious” looking and sounding people talk about the “message of peace and hope”? While ignoring the represive actions of the castro regime? They are validating the status quo by ignoting it.

  3. Lynx,

    I share your frustrations in this matter as I have never been more disgusted with a Pope and RCC leaders as I’m now.

    I cannot believe that individuals that are supposed to represent Jesus on earth and practice his gospel of freedom, justice and human rights have chosen to become such cowards and accomplices to evil.

    The Pope and the Cardinals are afraid to pay the consequences of standing up to Fidel and Raul Castro and instead have become accomplices to the Castro tyranny by supporting its abuses on the Cuban people. They have forgotten that with the exception of John all the apostles were martyred and that sacrifice was what enabled to spread the word of Jesus around the world and for the Church to expand beyond the confines of the Holy Land.

    Cobardes y pendejos que son…

  4. Lynx and Freedom, I echo your sentiments. I am especially disgusted with Wenski. One thing is for Jaime Ortega to behave the way that he does inside totalitarian Cuban [its to be expected], another thing is for Wenski to do so inside Miami. It shows a complete lack of respect for his flock whom he is supposed to represent. Wenski playing along with the regime and playing along with Ortega is like an archbishop in Los Angeles openly opposing the Dream Act, and supporting the Minute Men. Of course, that would not happen, because the Mexican American community would insist that he be replaced with a Mexican American archbishop that would reflect the wants and needs of his flock. Cuban Americans just suck it up.

    As for the RCC, I am not surprised. What can one expect of an institution that instituted the Inquisition, sold indulgences, cavorted with the Nazis and sided with the Spanish crown against Cuba’s independence?

  5. Rayarena,

    I’m as disgusted with Wenski as you are. Catholics in Miami need to revolt and stop supporting the Church. Unfortunately those Catholics support the Church as a favor to those local anti-Castro priests that don’t share Wenski’s views.

  6. Wenski is an insult and a provocation to Cuban exiles. He should never go anywhere near the Cuba issue without extreme humility, sensitivity and absolute discretion. He has given offense, and it is incumbent upon him to apologize and make sure it doesn’t happen again (or it is incumbent on his superiors to make him do so). However, unless active Cuban Catholics in South Florida insist on this, it’s highly unlikely to happen.

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