The slogans of the week in Cuba

Besides their violence and vulgarity, one of the trademarks of the Cuban regime propaganda slogans and chants. However, with the pope in Cuba this week, there may be some new slogans debuting.

Enrisco has a list of some of the slogans that we may see or hear this week (my translation). Keep in mind, however, that most of them were written to rhyme in Spanish and lose that aspect in the translation:

One, two, three:

-To God we pray! And with baton in hand!

-Cardinal, for sure, beat the dissidents good

-Our Father who art in Ground Zero, hallowed be thy name

-The CDRs are present, with the cross at the ready!

-What do the enemies of the people deserve? Crucifixion! Crucifixion! Crucifixion!

-Wherever, however, and for whatever, Cardinal in Chief, give the order!

– Hail Mariela full of grace, our Lord is with thee. Blessed art though among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy mind. CENESEX.

-When a famished and servile people pray, injustice rejoices.

-Mr. Materialist, we have absolutely no fear!

-The Church: A weapon of the Revolution!

-Cuba: atheist yesterday, Catholic today, Fidelista forever.

-Kill that God will forgive

-This street belongs to Benedicto XVI, This street belongs to Benedicto XVI (for two days)