6 thoughts on “New video of Cuban protestor arrested yesterday at papal mass in Cuba”

  1. Best part (in the sense of highlighting the kinds of people the opposition is fighting peacefully against) is all the way at the end, when someone behind the camera yells, “¿Qué dice el cinga’o ese?”

  2. Nicolas,

    That’s the poison Fidel Castro brainwashed into the Cuban people for the last fifty two years…

  3. It’s the brainwashing or the browning points that some trashy, unprincipled people are trying to earn by publicly kissing up to the regime.

    I remember how someone was telling me years ago the story of this man who was watching TV and he saw this old lady who was now a balsera. The old bitch used to be the ferocious head of the committee of the defense of the revolution on his block who had only a short time earlier thrown rotten eggs at him and participated in an act of repudiation against him.

  4. You know, brainwashed imbeciles or bought, they are still trash not worth anything. These are the morons or sons of bitches who have held such vile aberration in place for 53 years, for fraudulent Castro and his top officials would be NOTHING without such scumbags doing all the dirty work at the bottom of the pyramid for the last 53 years (and counting). Replace Castro with whomever and they will continue doing the same.

    That said, it is this rampant social rot that gets me a little pessimistic regarding Cuba’s prospects. Granted, I know they aren’t the majority but they sure are plenty. Added to the fact that Cuba has been robbed, brain drained, and degraded by the mass exiling of its high class, middle class, and the destruction of it’s economy and civil society, is the fact that it’s been 53 years of a society where it is the scum which has been rewarded and encouraged for putting the population down.

    As a result, not only do I truly doubt that Cuba will see freedom peacefully amidst such people. Even if it did do to their own economic ineptitude, I doubt it will be a fast growing state with such scum untouched and still lurking all over, as was the case of Russia. What they have done merits war and the fact that they never got it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same outcome and repudiation.

    Cuba needs a cleaning and not one to impose lies, serve an egomaniac, and secure a betrayal but one for the sake of truth, a free society, and true construction. Furthermore, why should any of those complacent sons of bitches ever favor off of a free Cuba.

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