Hugo Chavez meets with pope in Cuba and receives papal blessing

According to Venezuelan journalist Nelson Bocaranda, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez was able to meet privately (and secretly) with Pope Benedict XVI in Cuba yesterday, receiving a papal blessing for a quick recovery and a blessed rosary.

What did Cuba’s Ladies in White receive from the pope? Absolutely nothing. Nico…

Via Bloomberg:

Pope Blesses Cancer-Stricken Chavez in Cuba, Journalist Says

Pope Benedict XVI gave Hugo Chavez his blessing for a quick recovery in a private meeting in Cuba requested by the cancer-stricken Venezuelan leader, according to an opposition journalist. President Raul Castro and his brother, Fidel Castro, were present at the 5-minute meeting yesterday in Havana, Nelson Bocaranda, who frequently breaks news on the president’s health in the absence of details from the government, wrote on his blog. The pope gave Chavez a rosary that he blessed, Bocaranda reported without saying how he obtained the information.

Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi, in a phone interview, denied any meeting took place. Phone calls to the Venezuelan Information Ministry seeking comment went unanswered.

The alleged meeting, which Bocaranda first reported was in the works on March 25, was arranged by Venezuelan diplomats who used to work at the South American nation’s mission to the Vatican, the journalist said. All participants agreed the brief meeting would be without media coverage, Bocaranda said.

Chavez has until now downplayed the possibility of a meeting after he traveled to Cuba ahead of the pope’s arrival to undergo radiation therapy for an undisclosed type of cancer.

Chavez, speaking on Venezuelan state television yesterday from Havana, said he didn’t want to “interfere” with the first papal visit to Cuba since 1998.

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  1. So much for “Christ’s Vicar on Earth.” Another blight on the dark, eminently political and byzantine church. It’s absolutely appalling. I’m speechless, but not surprised. The church is ONLY and exclusively interested in keeping the church open in Cuba and maintaining whatever meager inroads its gained alive. If it has to collude with the tyrannical regime against the Cuban people in order to accomplish that, so be it. It will collude. If that means that the Pope has to bless a tyrant like Chavez while ignoring true Christians and victims [the Ladies in White], so be it. It’s a price that must be paid.

    To me, all of this pageantry, the Pope with all of his adornments, his enormous conical hat and his scepter, followed by his retinue of cardinals each also princely adorned, the incense, the strict protocol is as far from what Christ was and represented as the EAST IS FROM THE WEST. Benedict has again established this, in actions and deeds.

  2. Long Live President Hugo Chavez Frias for implementing policies that halved poverty and infant mortality rates in Venezuela. Long live the Bolivarian Revolution!

  3. George,

    That moron must to be chewing Hugo Chavez coca leaves (courtesy of the other moron Evo Morales).

    Morons of a feather, morons together…

  4. Lukeweyland,

    You were already warned that propaganda is not tolerated here. Nevertheless, you chose to ignore that warning and continue posting communist propaganda. Therefore, you have earned yourself a ban from commenting on Babalú.


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