Quo vadis, Benedictus?

A guest post by Asombra:



The Vampyre Nosferatu meets what would appear to be the Holy Fool, but at least the decrepit old ghoul dressed the part. And I thought the images of Castro II with Benedict were bad. I’m sorry, but this grotesque travesty is deeply offensive, and if the Vatican cannot understand that, then it understands nothing, and nothing can be expected from it. Alas, I cannot believe this is a case of cluelessness.

It matters little what the Vatican intends. This is a very serious insult, and it is not an isolated incident, an accident or a slip-up. It is not a trick by the regime, such as what Pinochet pulled on John Paul II when he visited Chile in 1987, to get around the pope’s express determination not to appear with him on the balcony of the presidential palace before the crowds gathered outside (as documented in detail by official Vatican sources). This is a choice made by this pope to put Nero or Caligula before his victims, before the persecuted and the oppressed, before the millions that have suffered and lost so much at his filthy, bloody, evil hands—the same hands taken warmly in his own by Benedict. This has nothing to do with ministering to the marginalized, the outcast, the stigmatized and the socially undesirable. This is smiling at, catering to and fraternizing with the devil. If there was no way to avoid this abomination, Benedict should not have visited Cuba. It’s not as if the results of the prior papal visit justified a repeat performance. Surely, Cardinal Ortega’s vanity and ambitions cannot carry so much weight with Rome.

Again, I’m sorry, but this is too much. Too callous, too disrespectful, too scandalous. But Cubans are hardly the only injured party. This injures the pope, the Vatican, and the Roman Catholic Church, and their standing and reputation are not exactly impregnable. It makes Benedict look, at best, like a doddering old man following a script he did not write and cannot fathom, smiling and cooing reflexively, petting and stroking anyone put in front of him. This is demeaning, trivializing, and utterly beneath the dignity of someone officially designated as the Vicar of Christ. This is a spectacle and a disgrace.

Can the opportunistic and reptilian condescension of an irredeemably perverse tyranny be worth this?

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  1. Our Nosferatu didn’t shrink from the cross on Benedict for the same reason he wouldn’t shrink from a cross on Madonna (and I don’t mean the Virgin). It’s not the real thing; it’s decoration, an accessory–its significance is neutralized by the vacuousness of the wearer. Nosferatu knows who does and doesn’t mean business. That’s one reason he stayed in business so long himself.

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