Amnesty International: Free Cuban brothers arrested for listening to hip-hop

Via Amnesty International:

Free Cuban Brothers Arrested for Listening to Hip-Hop

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Listening to Hip-Hop is not a crime! Defend freedom of expression in Cuba: Call for the release of the Lima brothers, imprisoned for listening to Hip-Hop that criticizes the Cuban government.

Brothers Antonio Michel and Marcos Máiquel Lima Cruz, members of the Cuban Council of Human Rights Rapporteurs and independent journalists, have been imprisoned in Cuba since December 2010. They were arrested during a private Christmas party in their home where they played controversial Hip-Hop music that criticized the lack of freedom of expression in Cuba. Antonio and Marcos were sentenced to two and three years’ imprisonment respectively for “insulting symbols of the homeland” and “public disorder”.

Amnesty International believes the brothers to be prisoners of conscience, imprisoned for exercising their freedom of expression. Demand their release now!