9 thoughts on “Fidel Castro’s meeting with Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. I’ve had to play news censor so that my elderly, disabled Catholic mother would not see the pope smiling at Fidel and petting him, or other overtly offensive aspects of the papal visit. She was one of the small minority of Cubans who never fell for Fidel’s BS, and I don’t want her dealing with this kind of disappointment and distress, not to say betrayal, at this stage of her life. At the very least, the pope’s meeting with Fidel should have been strictly private, meaning no images or audio for the public, but of course that wouldn’t suit the Maximum Media Manipulator, who couldn’t possibly decline the spotlight. Once again, an egregious RCC failure to at least minimize the scandal. Now somebody explain to me again how the pope did the right thing. Go ahead. Make my day.

  2. asombra,

    Making this meeting public was the best thing it could have happened. As painful as it is for the elderly it did exposed this Pope for eternity…

    “Now somebody explain to me again how the pope did the right thing. Go ahead. Make my day.”

    Robert will get back to you on that one…

  3. Absolutely asombra!

    Fidel Castro’s decline is extremely obvious. Esta hecho leña.

    At best he looks like he has two years to live. Don’t be surprised if he drops dead when least expected.

  4. This may be the clue of why the Pope went to Cuba.

    Looks like Raul fears what will happen to him are Fidel is gone and is trying to use the Pope to legitimize the continuation of the Castro dynasty.

  5. Yes, that his son Antonio the one who was a coach (or something like that) in the Cuban national baseball team.

    Look how both Cardinal Bertone (I think that’s him) greeted Fidel at the door and the other Cardinal outside.

    Da AZCO, I’m about to barf…

    Don’t think for a minute that I’ll ever follow any of these individuals regarding their stature in the RCC, they can all(specially this Pope) kiss my Cuban ass.

    Se pueden ir todos al carajo…

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