The Young Negro and the Pope

From the incomparable Paquito D’Rivera:

The Young Negro and the Pope

A few days ago, a young and brave black Cuban named Andres Carrión Alvarez, –the only member of the Union Patriotica de Cuba (UNPACU) who evaded detention from the Cuban political police–,screamed “Down with Communism!” just in front of the Pope Benedict XVI’s podium, during his mass in Santiago de Cuba.  Almost immediately, secret agents in plain clothes mixed with the crowd, violently arrested Carrion in front of the Pope and his entourage.  Several cameras followed him while a gang of policemen and even members of the Cuban Red Cross brutally beat the young man with his hands securely tied to his back.

In (almost) any other nation around the world, such a deplorable action would be absolutely unacceptable.  Up to this day, Carrión remains in custody and incommunicado, so we’re still waiting for some leaders of the African-American community to express some kind of commentary about such an arbitrary and repressive–yet common– behavior by the Cuban authorities.  I wonder what would be the reaction of said community in case this black youngster would be of some other nationality.  We’d also love to know where the Obamas, Glovers, Sharptons, Reverend Jacksons and the members of the Congressional Black Caucus are when Afro-Cubans need them?

Paquito D’Rivera

Thanks to Paquito and  La Voz de Cuba Libre.

4 thoughts on “The Young Negro and the Pope”

  1. Well, you know how it is. Some negroes are worth more than others. Hypothetically speaking, if this young negro were American and he had been taken away and publicly beaten by the secret service for screaming during a papal function in the USA under the Bush Administration, or if this young negro had been Haitian under Cedras or South African under apartheid, things would have been different.

  2. It’s not enough to be black, or black and oppressed–if the oppressor is not the “right” sort, it doesn’t matter. That’s why, for instance, there’s no outrage over black-on-black killings in the US, which are far more prevalent than white-on-black ones. Yes, it’s hypocritical and political, but that’s how it works. If Cuba had been South Africa, all the usual suspects would have been on the case BIG time ages ago, considering the high number of black Cuban dissident and opposition figures. It’s the ideology, stupid.

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