Che Guevara Iconography (most reproduced picture of the century)–a KGB Success Story!

“Thanks Hipsters! folks are so “EDGY!”…so “SHARP!”…so “SMART!”

Marc Hutten, the AFP reporter who photographed (the dead) Che, himself died this week:

The Bolivians and (Felix) Rodriguez had let Hutten take the photos to prove to the world that the man who had led the Cuban revolution with Castro was well and truly dead. As things turned out, Hutten’s pictures, using natural light and that high-speed film, served to make Guevara look like a martyr, almost Christlike, immortalising him and enhancing his image as a romantic hero. Even today, US intelligence agents admit that Hutten’s photographs of Guevara influenced President Barack Obama to order the disposal of Osama bin Laden’s body last year in a manner aimed at denying him martyrdom.

KGB defector Vasili Nikitich Mitrokhin, in his book The Sword and the Shield revealed that the AFP was among their most dependable propaganda mouthpieces, employing half a dozen full-time KGB agents as “reporters.”

And according to Soviet bloc intelligence defector Ion Pacepa, “Operation Che,” and “El Guerrillero Heroico” was a KGB ploy, using Cuban intelligence agent Alberto Korda’s, picture and KGB operative I. Lavretsky’s book to popularize it…the rest is history.

(By the way, in 1959–which is to say, before Che Guevara got a hold of her economy–Cuba had a higher per-capita income than Ireland…somebody inform the good folks in Galway.)


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