“Fidel esta es tu Casa!” said Ernest and Mary Hemingway in 1961

fidel looks at Hemingway photo

Returning to Cuba just a month after Hemingway committed suicide on July 2, 1961, she (Mary Hemingway) donated his house and land to the country to comply with the author’s (Ernest) wishes.

Then WHOOPS! (from 1977:)

“….Later when Mary met with Castro, Mary asked if she could take some of her precious first-editions home with her. Castro appeared shocked, saying “Oh, no, they belong to the Cuban people now.” They had a fierce argument about that.

Many folks living in South Florida could have advised Mary Hemingway thusly: “Te JODISTE, chica!”

They’d expressed Mary and Ernest’s identical sentiments a bit earlier–but with signs.


(Bueno y alguien por favor me puede explicar como este rancor, como esta venganza en contra de muchos Cubanos–equivocados, claro–pero muchos de ellos gente de buena fue–como esta venganza y delirio en su mala fortuna ajuda la reconciliacion de la hermandad Cubana hoy en dia?… pero come SIEMPRE!–y con TANTA noticia importante sobre Cuba estos dias!– este Fontova se pone a joder! Simplemente un histerico!”)”

3 thoughts on ““Fidel esta es tu Casa!” said Ernest and Mary Hemingway in 1961”

  1. Serves them right. “Papa” like the Papa was a fellow traveler; a ñangara…they’re all for the distribution of wealth and egalitarianism until they come for their stuff…cuando le pisan el cayo…que se jodan…hp

  2. Hemingway liked the old, “bad” Cuba JUST FINE. Fact is, he LOVED it and got plenty of mileage out of it, or else he would have set up camp elsewhere. He obviously didn’t lack for options. But, like any “progressive” literary or intellectual type who knows the score and how the game is played, he played it “correctly.”

    Wouldn’t want Sartre to call him a reactionary old American imperialist, now would he? Wouldn’t want to contradict his old pro-Spanish Republic posture, either. Course not. Fashion and the proper image are so much more important than mere decency, integrity and truth. Ask Gabriel García Márquez or, if you must, the Hollywood cretin of your choice.

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