Family of dissident in Cuba to seek political refuge in the U.S.

Dr. Darsi Ferrer, a Cuban dissident who has suffered beatings and imprisonment at the hands of the Cuban government, has announced on his Facebook page that his family, who have also been targets for brutality by Castro political police, will seek political refuge in the U.S.

My translation:

To all my friends, today I share the news that tomorrow at 3 pm, my wife Yusnaimy and our son Dariel will be flying to Miami. They will spend the night there and leave for Tennessee the next day where a place for them to stay has been arranged by the political refugee program. Perhaps you know that Yusnaimy is ill and suffers cerebral vascular issues, which has caused, among other complications, serious instances of intracranial hypertension. Here, they have not even diagnosed the problem, and neither does she have the opportunity to receive adequate treatment. I hope they will be able to greet all of you.

2 thoughts on “Family of dissident in Cuba to seek political refuge in the U.S.”

  1. Dr. Ferrer definitely deserves peace after suffering so much abuse at the hands of the tyrannical regime, but its heartbreaking to see her dissidents forced out one by one. This has been the regime’s modus operandi for 53 years +.

    That’s why its so disingenuous when “Cuba experts” and other sundry types quote diminishing numbers of Amnesty International recognized dissidents as a sign that Cuba is democratizing.

  2. I know this must give Dr. Ferrer some peace of mind to know that she will finally get medical care, and they are out, but what an terrible price to pay. Imagine being denied medical treatment because you disagree with the government with the only choice being death or family separation. You are right Rayarena, this will be reported as a kindness by the dictator, how nice of them to let a dissident take her son to seek medical treatment. This from the very same country that Hugo Chavez freely travels to for medical treatment, the very same country that has medical tourism, but for a dissident, forced exile.

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