Pope Benedict XVI’s selective memory of his visit to Cuba

During a Mass in Vatican City, Pope Benedict XVI shared his selective memory of his recent visit to the island of Cuba:

(AGI) Vatican City – “I reminded everybody that Cuba and the World need changes, but they will be possible only if everyone opens to the integral truth on man”, as Pope Benedict XVI summarized the meaning of his pastoral visit to Cuba, where the Church is starting to enjoy a certain freedom of action.
According to the Pope, in Cuba “it is necessary a patient dialogue among the different components of the Cuban society”.

On his departure from Cuba, thousands of people greeted him on his way to the airport, despite the pouring rain. “During the leaving ceremony – the Pope said to the 25,000 believers that today were in Piazza San Pietro – I reminded all components of the Cuban society that in the present time they are all called to make an effort of sincere collaboration and patient dialogue, for the sake of their country. In this perspective, my presence on the Island, as witness of Jesus Christ, was intended as an encouragement to open the doors of the heart to Him, who is the source of hope and strength to help the growth of good. For this reason I greeted the Cubans exhorting them to rekindle their fathers’ faith and edify an increasingly better future” . .

Here are a few important details from that trip that the pope chose not to share, and perhaps would rather forget:

– The brutal beating and arrest of Andres Carrion when he courageously protested during a papal Mass

– The wave of repression and arrests of Catholic dissidents throughout the island during his visit

– Completely ignoring and marginalizing the Ladies in White

Cardinal Jaime Ortega employing Castro political police to forcibly remove dissidents from a church sanctuary

Cuban State Security’s complete takeover and total control of all official papal events

The list can continue, but you get the picture.

4 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI’s selective memory of his visit to Cuba”

  1. “collaboration and patient dialogue.” Check. In other words, be respectful and cooperative, accept the totalitarian Castro dictatorship as legitimate, assume said regime can be trusted to act in good faith, and keep waiting (53 years is nothing, really). Once again, my intelligence is being scandalized. Maybe Mr. Montaner can write another column to try and make this sound slightly less like banal platitudes. Lord have mercy.

    • When France was liberated by the Allies in 1944, the ones who practiced “collaboration and patient dialogue” with the Nazis were not very well regarded by the general populace. Vichy water, anyone?

  2. George, please. That was a European, first-world thing. We’re just little brown island people. We’re not supposed to have high standards, if any. That’s why, apparently, nobody can figure out what the hell is our problem. I mean, Jamaicans don’t make that much fuss, now do they?

  3. “edify an increasingly better future.” Good one. Castro, Inc. has been peddling that since Day 1, and it’s still at it. They just call it “perfecting socialism,” but you know, these things take time. Just be patient.

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