Should Alan Gross be one of Time magazine’s Top 100 in 2012?

Alan Gross, the American aid worker being held hostage in Cuba by the Castro dictatorship for more than two years now is one of Time magazine’s candidates for their Top 100 individuals in 2012. Readers are being asked to vote for the candidates, and you can register your Yes or No vote right HERE.

Alan Gross 62
Occupation: Aid worker

Gross insists he’s no spy, just an aid worker who wanted to help Cuba’s Jewish community get wired. But the Cuban government says he brought illegal satellite equipment to the island — and that he did so as a contractor for a U.S. program funded by a law that seeks the Castro regime’s overthrow. That got Gross arrested in December 2009 and sentenced this year to 15 years in prison. Whatever his original mission, Gross has become a symbol of how dangerously dysfunctional Washington-Havana relations remain.

3 thoughts on “Should Alan Gross be one of Time magazine’s Top 100 in 2012?”

  1. No. Gross is a symbol of how dysfunctional Havana remains. Democracy is not dysfunctional. Totalitarian tyranny is.

  2. NO! IMO Time is a symbol of how dangerously dysfunctional the American MSM remains. I refuse to partake of their bullshit. Fuck them, and making Gross the MSM poster boy for the “evil” embargo will not help his cause.

  3. How egregious! It becomes apparent that the only reason that they made Gross one of their top 100 of 2012 is so that they can attack the embargo.

    By the way, since when is providing a small group of Jews on the island a way of overthrowing the castro regime? Oh, wait! We’re dealing with the mainstream media and they got their information from the paranoid regime in question–i.e. the Cuban courts.

    That’s like interviewing the fox that just ate the chicken.

    What can we expect from Time Magazine? They made the Ayatollah Khomeini man of the year and provided castro with a platform justifying him when he downed the Brothers to the Rescue aircrafts. I’ll never forget the vomit-inducing hagiography entitled: “The Lion in Winter.” Since when is fidel a lion? They should have called it “the Hyena in Winter.”

    But, that’s Time Magazine [rag] for you.

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