Cuba reaches 1-million tourists in 2012 while regime increases repression

The often heard argument by those advocating engagement with the brutal Castro dictatorship is that more tourists visiting Cuba will help the Cuban people rid themselves of tyranny. At best, this is an ignorant assumption, and at worst, it is downright disingenuous.

The facts tell a different story as the Castro military received its 1-millionth tourist in 2012 yesterday, and the regime’s repression this year is at record levels.

Cuba Receives a Million Visitors

Havana, Apr 6 (IANS): The number of visitors to Cuba this year reached one million Thursday.

The largest number of visitors came from Canada, followed by Argentina,
Russia, Germany, France and Mexico respectively, the tourism ministry said in a statement.

It said it expects more tourists from these nations the next few months, reported Xinhua.

Cuba hopes to see an increase in the number of visitors this year from Colombia, Peru and the Netherlands.

Cuba saw a 4 percent increase in visitor arrivals in the first quarter of 2012 over the same period last year.

Cuba is expected to receive 2.9 million tourists in 2012.

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