1 thought on “HE IS RISEN!”

  1. He is risen is a true statement. The question is has HE truly risen in YOU?
    In an age of religion may you all truly know Christ in a personal way. He willingly chose to die for our sins, was buried, and rose again not that we would annually celebrate a Sunday, but that we would have a new life in Him. The work of the cross is as valid today as 2000 years ago. Today He offers the gift of eternal life. All one has to do is repent and accept the finished work of the cross. We often forget one of His last words on the cross. For our Spanish speakers “consumado es”. In English it says “it is finished”. The Spanish says so much more as it speaks of nothing being left that would be necessary for our salvation. No traditions, no works, no religiousness. All has been done. Will you celebrate a day today or will you celebrate a new life?

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