Hide that cross!

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Political repression and religious persecution come in many forms. In the so-called First World the worst agents of repression are those who adhere to “political correctness.”   The saddest and most illogical twist in the thinking of these ideologues is that while they push for “diversity” as one of the highest goals every society should aspire to meet, they tend to fear real diversity in opinions and to stifle freedom of expression. High on their list of forbidden behavior is the public display of one’s faith.  According to their implosive pretzel logic, any such display is “offensive” and “threatening.”

The latest example of this has surfaced just in time for Easter.  Two British women who were fired from their jobs for refusing to take off the crosses they were wearing around their necks have taken their case to the highest court of the European Union. In response to their plight, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, archbishop of St. Andrews in Scotland has urged all British Catholics to wear crosses in public.  The court in Strasbourg is expected to rule against them, and if this does happen, then no one will be free to display religious symbols in public.  And if so, then what next?

Read about it here and here

Meanwhile, it is perfectly alright to sell t-shirts that call for the slaughter of Christians, such as the one above, or at this web site and this one and this one.

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  1. Two thoughts:
    First I wondered if this boss would have the nerve to ask Muslims to take off head scarves or full cover. And I figured no one would ever have such courage because there could always be the fear that this would become the impetus for big demonstrations, etc.
    Then I wondered was this done for the precedent because then anyone could be justified in not allowing any religious symbols or garb because it is so difficult to ask Muslims to adhere to a country’s laws these days.

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