Pope leaves Cuba with little reason for hope

Fabiola Santiago in the Miami Herald:

Pope’s visit to Cuba leaves little reason for hope


Barely a week after the pope left Cuba, the grand Oasis of the Seas, on a cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Mexico, rescues on the high seas 19 men and four women fleeing from the island in a small boat.

Barely a week after the pope left Cuba, a former Cuban political prisoner in Spain commits suicide, despondent over his inability to support his family in the economically devastated country after he accepted exile as a condition for freedom — a deal between the Catholic Church and the Cuban and Spanish governments.

Barely a week after the pope left Cuba, Easter Sunday will dawn on an island that is no less repressive and no more enlightened than it was after the last pope visited.


But mostly, it was a trip long on courtship of the oppressors, lending more years of legitimacy to a ruinous regime, and short on kinship with the true suffering people, some of them jailed to keep them from taking part in the pope’s visit.

“I’m going through a terrible crisis of faith,” says a Miami friend, a practicing Catholic all of his life. “To see Raúl Castro being escorted on a red carpet to an altar and the pope awaiting him was too much.”

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1 thought on “Pope leaves Cuba with little reason for hope”

  1. “I’m going through a terrible crisis of faith.” I expect he’s got plenty of company, both in and out of Cuba. As I’ve already said, this papal visit was frankly scandalous, and scandalizing the faithful is clearly warned against as a grave sin in the Gospels. The pope, obviously, cannot claim ignorance of that, and nobody can claim surprise that scandal was given. So what’s the excuse? Realpolitik? Tell it to the Judge.

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