NBC’s Implausible and Impossible “Mistake”

A follow-up to a previous post.

PJTV illustrates the unlikelihood of NBC’s assertion that the racial-editing of the George Zimmerman 911 call was an accident or a “mistake”.

Breitbart’s John Nolte reminds everyone this makes at least three times NBC/MSNBC has been caught editing to fit their race-hustling agenda in the last three years … and that doesn’t count MSNBC’s desk-jockeys and their guests insinuating “racism” into anything or anyone in opposition to Obama and his failed policies. Others are now asking what else has the network gotten away with in the editing booth? This surely doesn’t help the American public’s opinion of the MSM. What the (lazy, spoon-fed) public should and must start demanding is why the MSM is doing this, and playing them for easy fools. You and I know, but they need to do some serious catching-up.

Once again, Breitbart was right… War.

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