Cuban prisoner who filmed Castro dungeons move to isolation

Within a matter of hours, videos clandestinely taken by an inmate showing the atrocious conditions inside the dungeons of the Castro regime crisscrossed the world. Until then, it was the dictatorship’s closely guarded secret, having not allowed independent inspections of their prisons for decades. Thousands were shocked to learn of the putrid and horrific conditions Cuban prisoners are forced endure, and as expected, the Castro government is not happy. The prisoner who took these videos is now being punished for exposing the vileness and inhumanity of the Cuban government.

Via the Miami Herald:

Havana prisoner who took video transferred to isolation cell in notorious prison

An inmate who shot several videos inside a Havana prison to publicize its awful conditions has been transferred to an isolation cell in one of Cuba’s worst prisons, a dissident journalist reported Monday.

A Colombian inmate who appeared in one of the videos to proclaim his innocence has been on a hunger strike for more than a month and was moved to a cell in the hospital wing of the Combinado del Este prison in Havana, the journalist added.