Life imitates art imitates life (UPDATED)

It seems that (incredibly) this post has inspired some hate mail.

Tonight I received two emails from one “STEVEOCU@AMERITECH.NET” (no first or last name given, of course). The first email took me to task that the article I posted was not about Jews but Judas. He called me a ‘dolt’ (one of my favorite words, by the way). Thanks for clearing that up, “Steve.” Since it was in the article and I posted it I kinda knew that already, but that wasn’t my point at all. The second email I received — after I replied and thanked him for his insight and told him to sod off — said that he was “looking forward to [my] bout with cancer” from cigarettes. Very nice, Steve, whoever you are. We love fan mail. I’ll smoke to that.

Why don’t you grow a pair, if you can, and leave a comment here so all of us can benefit from what is, obviously, a thoroughly engaging intellect.

(P.S., the short jokes are getting more than a little stale. Really.)

* * *

“Throw the Jew Down The Well,” Mexican style!

The world is full of charming Easter traditions, but this isn’t one of them.

A newspaper in Mexico is detailing Sunday’s “burning of the Jews,” an annual tradition in Coita, a small town in the state of Chiapas. As part of the custom, locals spend the middle of their Holy Week making Jewish effigies — a reference to Judas Iscariot, the disciple who betrayed Jesus before his crucifixion.

The fake Jews are then displayed for three days in different parts of the town, serving as an example of poor conduct.

They’re ultimately paraded through the streets on Easter Sunday, with local children assigned to stand in front of them and collect money for flammable materials. […]

Yes, this is real.

No, I don’t understand the world, either.