Protestor at papal mass in Cuba to be charged with ‘Disorderly Conduct’

Punt de Vista is reporting that the Castro regime has announced charges of “Disorderly Conduct” will be brought against Andres Carrion, the courageous protestor who yelled out “Down with Communism!” during a papal mass in Santiago de Cuba. While the charge itself does not appear extreme, keep in mind that Cuba is one of the few places in the world where such a minor charge carries with it a vicious beating, a violent arrest, weeks of imprisonment before charges are filed, and complete isolation from family, friends, countrymen, and the world.

4 thoughts on “Protestor at papal mass in Cuba to be charged with ‘Disorderly Conduct’”

  1. No doubt, the regime is in damage control. The charge of “disorderly conduct” was passed for external consumption. The regime knows all to well that Americans who read about this charge will shrug their shoulders and say, so what? In the USA, we have that law as well. It’s a misdemeanor. Of course as Alberto says, they won’t think about the fact that Cuba is a totalitarian country and that this has nothing to do with “disorderly conduct” and everything to do with squelching Mr. Carrion’s freedom of expression. Which is what they did.

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