Cuba: Dictator Raul Castro threatens to imprison Ladies in White

Cuban independent journalist Dania Virgen Garcia reports from Cuba on threats being made by dictator Raul Castro to the Ladies in White to imprison them in retaliation for a protest they carried out last year.

Via CUBA POR DENTRO (my translation):

Lady in White Belkis Felicia Jorrin Morfa reports that Yamilet Garro informed her that officials from State Security warned her sister, the opposition member Sonia Garro who has been imprisoned since March 18th, that all the women who participated in the “Raising of the Flags” protest last year were all going to prison because Raul Castro would not forgive them for what they did.

2 thoughts on “Cuba: Dictator Raul Castro threatens to imprison Ladies in White”

  1. Why wouldn’t he imprison them now? Why he probably feels no inhibitions nor restrictions to act with outright impunity towards anyone in his island plantation after the papal blessing he just received. Didn’t he just get away with arresting, beating, and jailing men and women before, DURING, and after the Pope was there? The amount of slack that the Pope and the Catholic church has provided this murderer to now act with total impunity on his people is too much to bear.

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