Cuba police unwilling to investigate brutal attack on Christian pastor

Castro’s Cuba has one of the most diligent and effective police forces on the planet, but only when it comes to rooting out and punishing political dissent. If you place a sign calling for democracy in public, the police will ceaselessly hunt you down and administer a severe punishment. However, when a crime is committed against a person the regime deems an “undesirable,” the police could care less about apprehending the culprits.

Via Worthy Christian News:

Cuba Reluctant To Detain Suspects In Attack On Pastor, Christians say

HAVANA, CUBA (Worthy News)– Over two months after a Cuban pastor was beaten and left unconscious in eastern Cuba, officials have still no suspects in the case, Christian rights activists told Worthy News Wednesday, April 10.

Pastor Reutilio Columbie ccontinues to suffer from dizziness, intense nausea and vomiting after he was left for dead in early February, said Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), a major advocacy group.

The 41 year-old pastor of the Shalom Christian Center, a Pentecostal church in Moa was reportedly attacked by unknown assailants in the early hours of the morning on February 6 and left unconscious on the street.

The pastor was on his way to file a complaint with regional authorities about what the “arbitrary confiscation of the church vehicle” by authorities in late 2011, Christians said. The only thing taken from him was the document proving Columbie’s legal ownership of the vehicle, according to rights activists.


CSW’s Advocacy Director Andrew Johnston told Worthy News that his group “continues to call for a thorough investigation into the attack on Pastor Columbie and the return of the church’s vehicle.”

He said that if local authorities “are unwilling or unable to fulfill their obligations, the regional or central government must ensure that those who attacked Pastor Columbie are brought to justice.”

Christian rights activists have also urged authorities to address the “larger legal situation which helped lead” to “this crime” against Pastor Columbie.

CSW said it wants to see the removal of authority “over all religious activities and property from the Office of Religious Affairs of the Communist Party. Religious activities and property should be regulated through the regular channels with proper recourse for appeal.”