Democracy, as 21st Century Socialism defines it

Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez keeps promising Venezuela and all of Latin America that he wants to give them the gift of “21st Century Socialism.” Unfortunately, when you see 21st Century Socialism in action, it looks identical to 20th Century Communism. In other words, it is repressive, enslaves people, and benefits only the ruling elite.

Spain’s ABC newspaper gives us a good example of democracy as defined by Chavez’ 21st Century Socialism (my translation):

Chávez creates a ‘black list’ of all who voted in the opposition primaries

Attorney Teresa Albanes has denounced the order by a judge of the Supreme Court to turn over voter lists to the Ministry of Justice

Teresa Albanes could not believe it. She jumped from her seat when she heard president Hugo Chavez insult the organizers of the opposition primaries (held this past February 12 in which the governor of Miranda, Henrique Capriles Radonski won) for burning the voter lists containing the signatures of three million voters, a world record for this type of election.

Her eyes also could not believe what they were seeing. She adjusted her round-rimmed glasses to better read the decision by the Supreme Court magistrate, Francisco Carrasquero, which prohibited the destruction of voter lists and ordered the delivery of same to Defense Minster Jesus Rangel Silva.

Attorney Albanes, president of the Electoral Commission for the Democratic Unity Board (MUD), assures ABC that she has “never” lied, not even to hide her age of 70. She recalls vividly what took place at the primaries and the reason why the government wanted to get its hands on the identity of the voters.

She did not order the incineration of the voter lists, but wanted to be sure to be in compliance with a MUD regulation from 4-5-11 where it was agreed that the voter lists should be destroyed 48 hours after the vote takes place. “Not even the ashes are left,” she said.

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