Cuban American Bar Association cancels sponsorship of Miami Marlins event

CABA, the Cuban American Bar Association has cancelled its sponsorship of a Miami Marlins event. The following communication was sent to all its members:

Dear CABA Member,

You recently received an announcement from us that we were co-sponsoring a Lawyer Appreciation Night / Ethics CLE in conjunction with other bar organizations and the Miami Marlins on April 17th. This has been a wonderful event that we have been proud to offer to our members in prior years.

Soon after that announcement, however, reports surfaced about disgraceful comments that Marlins Manager Ozzie Guillen made, expressing love and respect for Fidel Castro. CABA has been, and always will be, a champion for all the freedoms denied to Cubans by the Castro regime including, of course, freedom of speech. Nonetheless, CABA will not support any organization whose public spokesman expresses sympathy for that regime.

As I am sure most of you are aware, The Miami Marlins have now suspended Mr. Guillen for five games. Mr. Guillen has also issued a formal and public apology. In that apology, Mr. Guillen acknowledged that his words were inadequate to remedy the ignorance of his previous comments and has asked to be judged based on his actions going forward. While some of our members feel that the five-game suspension and Mr. Guillen’s apology is a responsible and adequate response, others feel it does not go nearly far enough in light of the outrageous nature of Mr. Guillen’s statements.

The Cuban American Bar Association does not feel, at this time, that it is appropriate to remain involved as a co-sponsor of The Miami Marlins organization. We hope that next year we can once again be proud to sponsor that event and provide what has been a great experience and benefit to our members.


Vivian de las Cuevas-Diaz

6 thoughts on “Cuban American Bar Association cancels sponsorship of Miami Marlins event”

  1. My respect and admiration for CABA’s decision to cancel its sponsorship of the Miami Marlins event. This is the only that our detractors will pay attention to our grievances — when we hit them with our pocket books. While many Cuban-Americans — myself included — think that a 5-game suspension for Ozzie Guillen does not fit the transgression, the only way that the Miami-Marlins management will listen is when a significant number of Cuba-Americans refuse to buy tickets for upcoming games. Note that Cuban-Americans are not advocating for a revocation of freedom-of speech rights. They are just exercising their legitimate right of the purse.

  2. Now THAT’S(!) how you get folk’s attention! Good for CABA!

    And amazing how so many (presumably educated) people including lawyers! (and libertarians! ) think the 1st Amendment prevents a private business from castigating an employee for insulting (deeply hurting, actually) 98 per-cent of their customers!


  3. The ones who need to hit the Marlins in the pocket are the Cuban-American season-ticket holders. It’s way past time we stopped taking shit, and I don’t mean just bitching and moaning, but doing something tangible that will be felt, not just heard and ignored. We should not let this opportunity go to waste.

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