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April 15th, 1959: Fidel Castro, leader of Cuba’s revolutionary government, got a roaring welcome in Washington, D.C., as he began a 10-day visit to the U.S. Before he returned to Cuba, he told a television audience that Cuba would side with the West in any conflict with Russia. Castro’s revolutionary forces overthrew the Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista on Jan. 1. Although his 10-day visit was listed as unofficial, top State Department officials were on hand to greet him. One purpose of Castro’s visit was to address the American Society of Newspaper Editors.

Photo from www.latinamericanstudies.org

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  1. Hell, Fidel ate very well (by his own account) even while he was in prison serving time (not much) for the massacre at the Moncada Barracks, which he planned and instigated (keeping himself, naturally, out of harm’s way). Batista–that horrible, ruthless dictator–treated Fidel with kid gloves and eventually gave him amnesty. Chump.

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