RNC names Neri Martinez State Director for Hispanic vote in North Carolina


Congratulations to our good friend and local cubanita done good Neri Martinez, who has been named by the Republican National Committee to be the State Director in North Carolina for the Hispanic vote.

Via Under the Dome:

RNC puts Hispanic field coordinator on the ground in North Carolina

The Republican National Committee announced Monday it would place a staffer in North Carolina to help coordinate the Hispanic vote ahead of the 2012 presidential election.

“The Hispanic community is the country’s fastest growing demographic and will play a pivotal role in helping the country change direction from the failed leadership and policies of Barack Obama,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement following a conference call.

The party named Neri Martinez as the local coordinator, one of six in the states across the country. (Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Virginia and New Mexico are the others.) The national GOP thinks Hispanic voters are a ripe target for their get-out-the-vote efforts, especially in battleground states like North Carolina.

13 thoughts on “RNC names Neri Martinez State Director for Hispanic vote in North Carolina”

  1. It’s always to see a fellow Cuban succeed, but sad nonetheless when it’s at the expense of the best interests of Cubans and all other Hispanics nationwide. How does a Hispanic work for a party that consistently insults us and vilifies us as a group? I’ll never understand it.

  2. Because it beats working for the other party who supports leftist dictators and goes out of its way to make sure Cubans and other Latin Americans living in repressive tyrannies continue that way.

  3. Really? Which was the last Democratic President that supported the Castro regime? Or was pro-Communist in general? I don’t remember which President that was. The GOP likes to fill its mouth about beating up on Castro but his regime is still there having survived several GOP Administrations. I don’t know about you, but I don’t react well to being taken for a ride the way the GOP has the Cuban community.

  4. The fact is that no US political party has done anything of substance to address the Cuban problem. Given that, I think it makes more sense to appraise them on their domestic policy. And, on this front, the GOP is becoming everyday more and more racist and no friend of the Hispanic community (which includes Cubans last I checked). I think it’s rather cynical that the GOP should have the gall to reach out to a community it considers second-class. And why you’d support a party that thinks that of you, I don’t know.

  5. And George, let’s not get into who is drinking Kool-Aid in this discussion because it requires a special kind of self-deception for a Hispanic to support the GOP. Also, if all you can offer is an insult, we have nothing to discuss.

  6. George, you really should hold out for better bait. I suppose it’s something to chew on, but then again, so is bagazo.

  7. Marielito, if all you can offer is silly partisan bullshit when you have a sitting Cuban American Republican in the Senate then we have nothing to discuss either. You’re a fool. Worse than that: a deluded fool. Vote for Joe Garcia and keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

  8. I know, George. It’s not that I wasn’t tempted, albeit tepidly, but some things are too easy to be worth the bother.

  9. “I think it makes more sense to appraise them on their domestic policy.”

    How do you argue with such idiocy? The answer: You can’t. It’s a waste of time.

    No thanks, Marielito. You could have been smart and waited a while before pulling out this asinine argument and maybe sparked a discussion. But you went straight for the crap. Te jodiste, mi socio. You’ll have to argue with yourself.

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