Cuba Nostalgia 2012 — The start of the ‘Free the Rooster’ Campaign

It is hard to believe, but May is just around the corner and that means it is Cuba Nostalgia time. This year’s festivities will be taking place beginning Friday, May18th and will run through Sunday, May 20th, 2012.

We always look forward to Cuba Nostalgia because it gives us an excellent opportunity to meet members of our Babalú family who have been reading the blog for years. At every Cuba Nostalgia, we do our best to bring you exciting and unique guests, including artists, authors, and musicians to join us at our booth. This year will be no different, and we are currently working to bring all of you yet another exciting and memorable Cuba Nostalgia. As the plans become firm and confirmations are made, will be be letting you know who and what to expect at this year’s extravaganza.

Unfortunately, Cuba Nostalgia is an expensive endeavor and once again, we are going to need our readers’ financial help to make this happen in 2012. Many of you have always been generous in the past both financially and with your time, and we are confident this year it will be no different. The Babalú family, which includes its writers, contributors, and readers alike, has always been well-represented at Cuba Nostalgia in the past, and this year we aim to do the same.

With that said, today we begin our now yearly “Free the Roster” (Suelta el Gallo) Campaign.

In order to make another appearance at Cuba Nostalgia this year we are going to need the help of Babalú’s friends and family to free the rooster. We know times are tough and everyone is hurting, but if you can, please  make a donation. It does not matter how small since every little bit will help make this another great year at Cuba Nostalgia.

Click below to make your donation.

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