Your Tuesday Babalú Ajiaco for April 17, 2012

That aroma you’re smelling is your Tuesday ajiaco stewing in the Babalú kitchen. Grab a bowl and serve yourself…

  • The Cuban Sandwich wars have begun. Tampa claims they invented it, but Miami says its their creation. One thing we know for certain: it is definitely not an advance of the Castro revolution!
  • In the Winnipeg Free Press, political science professor Peter McKenna is complaining that Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper missed a great opportunity to help Cuba during the Summit of the Americas. Because, as we all know, Canada is just not doing enough to the help the Castro dictatorship continue its tyrannical rule over the Cuban people.
  • The Castro dictatorship is whining again about the U.S. freeze on $245-million in cash from Cuba, preventing the criminal regime from stealing it in the same way it has stolen everything else in Cuba. I only have three words in response: que se jodan.
  • Dennis Prager has made a very astute observation regarding the Ozzie Guillen/Fidel Castro controversy and asks a very important question: Why are the Cubans in America the only ones offended by Guillen’s praise of a murderous and vile dictator?

2 thoughts on “Your Tuesday Babalú Ajiaco for April 17, 2012”

  1. Why are only Cubans offended by a Castro-lover? Because they’re, you know, hysterical. Now move along.

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