7 thoughts on “Communist tyrants and their affinity for Rolex Watches”

  1. I’d like to point out the center picture on the bottom row is not a dictator. He is Gustavo Dudamel, the Venezuelan-born principal conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. Sadly, this supremely talented musician does not denounce Huguito and his barbarians.

  2. And I’m sorry, Madame Kirchner, but when one has such ugly hands, one shouldn’t wear that much bling.

  3. George, given the setting, it’s far more “functional” for him to be at most on the fence regarding Chavez than for him to be anti-Chavez. That would immediately get him pegged as right-wing, which is highly “incorrect” in that environment. I’m not defending him, but there are people who put career before principle. Lots of them. Besides, he may really be OK with Chavez, though one wonders how the latter’s appalling vulgarity could fail to repel. After all, this guy is not in Venezuela, and the situation there doesn’t affect him directly, if at all. He can afford to be fashionably “progressive.” It’s comparable to what happened with the Cuban painter Wilfredo Lam and Castro, Inc. Again, I don’t approve, but it’s not especially surprising. It could simply be another example of Latrine American behavior.

  4. Asombra, that’s pretty much my analysis, too. He’s a damn fine conductor and destined to only get better with age. The lure of “fitting in with the ‘in’ crowd” may be too great, or he’s a vewy, vewy quiet fellow traveler…

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