Cuba: Hotel collapses killing 4, dissidents beaten and arrested for photographing disaster
Hotel Europa: Photo via Baracutey Cubano

Martí Noticias is reporting that the Hotel Europa in Cardenas, Cuba collapsed last night burying and killing three young Cuban men while a fourth young man managed to escape. The four men were inside the abandoned building scavenging for building materials, a common practice in Cuba due to the decrepit state of housing on the island brought about by more than five decades of corruption and mismanagement by the communist dictatorship.

As rescue crews and ambulances tried to find the buried youngsters amongst the rubble, several dissidents began taking pictures of the scene to document the disaster. Immediately, Cuban State Security forces descended upon them, violently beating the dissidents and arresting them. The beating was so brutal, one of the dissidents had to be transported to a hospital after the blows she received from the Castro agents knocked her out cold.