A Coke by any other name… (UPDATED)

For the last couple of years I’ve been posting about the renaissance of Miami’s “open house” music scene from the 1970s. Well, here’s the latest and of several important band reunions which you don’t want to miss. As I’ve written before the late 60s and early 70s was a rich era in music coming out of our city. When a music scene is hot you tend to see a lot of evolution. Bands coming, bands going, band members coming, band members going, bands changing names. And that’s what happened here. Coke, one of the legendary Miami bands of the open house era went through an evolution that included a change of lead singer and a change of name to “Opus”. You can imagine that the Coca-Cola Company wasn’t too pleased with one of its trademarked names being used. You can read much more about the history of Coke/Opus at Frank Prieto’s great blog, MusicMiami.org from which I shamelessly stole the images below.



The important thing is that now four of the original Opus band members are getting back together along with some other great musicians for an Opus reunion at the Elks Club on Sunset Drive this Saturday April 28th. I’ve been to several of these open houses and can say they are a blast. The Elks Club is a perfect venue for it. Hope you’ll join me there.


UPDATE: Tonight’s the show. Tickets are $20 at the door. No presale.