Pictures of The Day: Personal Responsibility in a POTUS


President Bush giving Warrior Daniel Gade a helping hand during yesterday’s 19.4 mile ride.


I don’t want to muddle this with a lot of political BS as Pres. George W. Bush has, for the last three and a half years, pretty much practiced the traditional courtesy of former POTUSes in NOT remarking on or criticizing sitting-POTUSes during their term (although you know where I would go with this) … Something, by the way, that was not practiced by Carter, Clinton or Gore during Pres. Bush’s two terms in the Oval Office.

Former Pres. George W. Bush is out on another Warrior 100k bike ride with the troops wounded in battle. I thought this pretty much defined how after sending our brave men and women into battle in two wars during his eight years while he was CinC (Commander in Chief) he still, even out of office, feels a personal responsibility to them then and now, and always will.

How many former Commander in Chiefs do you think spent their retirement with their former military charges in such a manner? Check out all the great photos and stories of the three day 100k ride of “The Bush Center Warrior 100k” here.


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