Cuban spies expelled from U.S. living high-life in Argentina

For three Cuban spies expelled from the U.S., it could be worse: They could be back in Castro’s Cuba.

Lt. Col. Chris Simmons at Cuba Confidential:

Argentina Hosts Three Spies Expelled from US

Three spies thrown out of the US in retaliation for Havana’s efforts against US military operations continue to enjoy their posting in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina.  All three belong to Havana’s foreign intelligence service, the Directorate of Intelligence (DI), consistently ranked among the top six spy organizations in the world.

Raúl Rodríguez Averhoff and his wife, María Cristina Delgado Suárez, arrived in 2006. A Consular Officer, he serves is the elite Department known as M-I [US Targets], although he has some experience in M-II [Latin American Targets] as well.  Under cover as the Cultural Consular, Delgado Suárez’s department affiliation within the DI is unknown.

In May 2003, the US expelled 14 Cuban diplomats for espionage.  Seven diplomats were based at the Cuban Mission to the United Nations (CMUN) and the other seven at the Interests Section.  A Second Secretary at the Interests Section, Rodríguez Averhoff was one of the seven expelled from Washington. His wife, known to the US Intelligence Community as a DI officer, had increased her husband’s value as the target of a PNG action.  She accompanied him during his early return to Cuba.

The expulsions occurred less than eight weeks after the US and its coalition partners attacked Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).   Washington Times columnist Bill Gertz noted that the mass expulsions retaliated for Havana having shared information on US troop movements and associated military activities with Iraqi Intelligence.

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