Starting Monday pissed off

Bryant Gumbel, newsman extraordinaire, erstwhile partner of the perky one Katie Couric, speaks out about Cubans “imagined” slights — love that word — with fidel castro.

Catching up with Bryant Gumbel from a couple of weeks ago, on the April edition of his Real Sports show on HBO, the NBC News and CBS News veteran came to the defense of Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen, who caused outrage amongst Cuban-Americans when he declared “I love Fidel Castro.” In an end of the program commentary, Gumbel couldn’t resist taking a jab at conservatives, charging:

“Whipping up a frenzy over slights real and imagined is a play straight out of a far right handbook and Florida’s electoral cloud has often given Fidel’s critics far more leverage than their arguments merit.”

Gumbel contended that ever since the Bay of Pigs failure, “exploiting anti-communist fears to portray Castro as a monstrous boogeyman, has been a cottage industry in Florida and Washington.” Those upset with Guillen, Gumbel maintained, “simply hate” Castro because “he overthrew their dictator, Fulgencio Batista, whose corrupt government helped enriched privileged Cubans and American interests at the expense of the country’s poorest people.” […]

Obviously, we expect this kinf of shit from these people. But it still pisses me off.

7 thoughts on “Starting Monday pissed off”

  1. Or even a few minutes.
    What is it with liberals that they are terrified of saying bad things about communists?

    • “What is it with liberals that they are terrified of saying bad things about communists?”

      Because deep down, it what’s they are. They just don’t have the testicular fortitude to admit it.

  2. WOW. This guy finally took it all off, and showed no inhibitions in displaying where his true love for the Castro’s reside.

  3. I saw the show and knew that at some point he was going to make some asinine remark – Gumbel is such a smug little prick (my apologies to all the pricks out there).

  4. Gumbel has long been a smug, snide, self-satisfied, enemy of truth and befriender of marxist lies.

    During the 80s – the last time I wasted any time watching these marxstream medianik klowns – he was insufferably arrogant, every day tooting his tin kazoo for ‘gun control’, calling gun owners every vile name in the book to demonize them. Klassic Lenin 101 tactic ‘put a bad smell around our enemies so no one will listen to them.’\

    Gumbel will vehemently defend all things communist while demonstrating contempt for the American citizens he’s supposedly obligated to inform in truthful and objective manner.

  5. Gumbel’s “talent” is all about looking and coming across a certain way. He’s hardly unusual in that respect, as the TV news business is full of empty suits, or empty packages, albeit more or less appealingly wrapped. He is, of course, hopelessly full of himself and insufferably smug by now (assuming he was ever otherwise), shielded by his impeccable “correctness”–an exceedingly useful crutch these people cling to for dear life. Bashing the Cuban exile community is not only perfectly safe but practically mandatory for liberal media types, though they wouldn’t dare do it if it weren’t. These people are only hard-nosed when the risk/benefit ratio is very low, so low that it’s a no-brainer (and their brains are nothing to write home about, anyway). But ultimately, Gumbel (who, again, is only a fairly generic example of his kind) is simply displaying, however ostentatiously, his petty prejudices and appalling ignorance. It’s actually rather sad that someone so insubstantial and shallow should be so ludicrously inflated.

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