Chinese dissident calls on Obama for help to escape China dictatorship

Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese dissident who managed to elude house arrest and make it to the U.S. embassy in Beijing has made an appeal to President Obama to help him escape China.

Via Reuters:

Blind Chinese dissident appeals to Obama for help just hours after leaving U.S. Embassy

BEIJING—Just hours after leaving his refuge in the U.S. Embassy, blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng appealed to President Barack Obama to help him escape China with his family, telling journalists he feared for his life.

In a deal that Washington had hoped would defuse the crisis with Beijing, Chen left the embassy on Wednesday after securing guarantees that, according to U.S. officials, would have allowed him to relocate within safely in China with his family to pursue his studies.

He had been holed up in the embassy for six days after escaping house arrest last month.

The deal was negotiated between the United States and China in the days before a visit to Beijing by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. U.S. officials had touted it as a sign of the co-operative U.S.-China partnership.

Chinese authorities, however, took a tougher tone. In the hours after Chen left the embassy, they immediately criticized what they called U.S. meddling and demanded an apology for the way U.S. diplomats handled the case.

Human rights groups warned the deal entailed some risk that Chinese authorities might not live up to the guarantees.

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2 thoughts on “Chinese dissident calls on Obama for help to escape China dictatorship”

  1. The poor guy was thrown to the wolves so that Hillary Clinton’s trip would be a “success.”

  2. One dissident and he gets this much national press all the while the thousands in Cuba languish and are basically ignored.
    It’s funny how there is such a double standard when it comes to communism.

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