Some of my best friends are…

I have high cheekbones, ‘like all the Indians do,’ just like Cubans all have brown skin and all Jews have hook noses!

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I don’t have to belabor this point, but can you imagine the outrage if a conservative had said such a colossally stupid thing?

Speaking to a reporter on a local news station in Boston, Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts cited her ancestor’s “high cheekbones” (quoting an aunt) as evidence of her Native American heritage:

Earlier today, the Harvard law professor explained that she listed herself as “Native American” on school directories in the past so she could meet others “who are like I am.” Genealogists have been unable to verify that Warren is descended from Native Americans, despite her claims.

Warren is running closely with her opponent, incumbent Republican senator Scott Brown, according to the RealClearPolitics poll average.

If this is the best the idiot Dems can do in Taxachussetts, there may be hope yet…

4 thoughts on “Some of my best friends are…”

  1. Warren is an embarrassment, but not as much as those who’d buy her BS. Sadly, MA is rife with such people and long has been. And yes, they think they’re the “best and the brightest.”

  2. By the way, someone in my family once claimed being related to French royalty. Can I get a free trip to Paris?

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