Sean Hannity Hands Occupy Wall Street Orangizer His Empty Head

A couple of power points in this video that pretty much sums it up:

1. According to this OWS “organizer” the NYPD sent the criminal element and troublemakers, especially the rapists, into the occupy camps. He makes a claim and offers no evidence … when it is obvious the squatters are highly problematic in and of themselves, so the odds they carry their own criminal tendencies are within and need no outside interloping.

2. He lamely lists his job resume, but is currently unemployed and living off student loans (which will add to his own debt and the student loan debt in general, but I suppose that’s no big deal if Obama had his way). He half-assed keeps saying he will start looking for a job … but is on the computer all day.

3. I take away his whole premise on life is that he resents having to be self-reliant and use personal responsibility, sniping at Hannity at one point that if he were to get some (gasp!) menial job he supposed Hannity would be happy … I really wish Hannity had thought to ask him his thoughts on illegal aliens swarming into the USA to do such menial jobs, and if he supported them. My thoughts on this are we are now seeing the entitlement generation, and not just in gimmie-gimmie from the government types, but those that imagined they should easily become rock stars, America’s top models, entertainment industry celebrities, pro-jocks, and perhaps in this wanker’s case some mega CEO right out of college. They do not believe in climbing any sort of ladders and earning their due along the way. They are simply entitled to a top tier living just because they graduated college … and in some cases didn’t because they quit. His arrogance is quite the opposite of charming…

Capitalism “isn’t working” because the government has far overreached into it with stifling laws and regulations intended to make it fail. It is a wonder capitalism has survived through it all.

2 thoughts on “Sean Hannity Hands Occupy Wall Street Orangizer His Empty Head”

  1. This retarded cantaloupe (with apologies to all fruits and veggies) probably never picked up his room or poured out his own cereal growing up; wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still the unholy recipient of parental support. Forever 5 years old. What a waste.

  2. Michael Medved had one of these jerks on, too.
    The guy sounded completely reasonable. He was educated, logical and wrong. But at one point Medved could have demolished him and he missed the opportunity.
    The guy getting all warm and fuzzy said, “I am sick of this I generation where everyone is out for himself. I want more we, more caring about the common good.”
    Now you and I know that when anyone talks about the common good, that is dangerous for humanity. But all Medved had to do was tell this guy he is the biggest I person Medved has ever spoken to. Because this guy was only talking about what he wanted and to hell with everyone else who was working and making a living, to hell with anyone who didn’t see things his way. He is the biggest egotist in the world. People’s property should belong to this guy because he knows better than anyone else.
    And the other point is rich people are not I people. No one got rich and kept his wealth by being an I person. He got rich by making a product or providing a service others needed and were willing to pay for. If he didn’t think of others all the time, in other words, if he wasn’t a we person, he would never have become rich.
    What service is this guy providing that anyone would be willing to pay for? He is only thinking of himself, Mr I person.

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