Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez preparing a Junta?

The news regarding the health of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez indicates he is losing his battle against cancer and may not make it to the elections scheduled in Venezuela this October. Since he may not be around to claim victory after what is sure to be a rigged election, Chavez has begun putting together a group of his loyal henchmen to ensure Venezuela remains under the tyrannical grip of Chavismo through a  junta.

Via the Financial Times:

Venezuela: say hello to the junta

Is Venezuela’s government preparing for transition? In the past few weeks Hugo Chávez, the president, has gone from denial about the lethality of his cancer to praying for a bit more life. On Wednesday night he appointed a Council of State, a consultative body created by the 1999 constitution but not set up until now.

It’s first task? To withdraw Venezuela as quickly as possible from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, run by the Organisation of American States. Now, why would that be a priority?

Chávez flew to Cuba on Monday to continue his treatment for cancer, just four days after returning home from his previous course. One of his last acts before leaving was to ask Elias Jaua, vice president, to set up the council and get out of the IACHR. On Wednesday night – governing, as has become customary, from Havana – he named its members.

“Everyone knows the president’s health is delicate, so his setting up the Council of State now cannot be good news,” John Magdaleno, a political scientist in Caracas, told Agence France Presse. “It might be used as a potential transitional body, or in case the president becomes incapacitated and cannot work, or to prepare some extraordinary measures.”

With Chávez’s 21st century socialism imploding around him, you might think urgent measures would include addressing worsening food shortages and other social emergencies.

On the other hand, if you were setting up a junta, your first priority might be to neutralise the threat of international condemnation. Showing your disdain for bodies like the IACHR would be a good first step.

5 thoughts on “Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez preparing a Junta?”

  1. I’m convinced that Chavez is delusional, divorced from reality, a megalomaniac who actually believes that he is doing good for his country. Otherwise, how can a dying man who is begging God to save his life not repent, amend his ways, and in that way bring himself closer to God and to a possible miracle? We are taught miracles happen, but only for people who truly repent and accept God’s salvation and that means reversing one’s evil ways. Instead, Chavez continues to hold on to worldly things [power] to do harm and to separate himself from God. So, he wants to perpetuate the harm after he dies with a Junta. Dam! He’s buying a one way ticket straight to Dante’s lowest ring of hell!

  2. Alberto, rigging an election in 2012 is harder than it used to be, remember they had to admit that the referendum to change the constitution did not pass, and they had to admit that the opposition got 51% of the votes for the most recent parlamentary election. The point is that they will try to keep power at all costs, what the article points to is precisely this move in progress, which is in line with what they have done in the past: the constitution was in fact changed in an unconstitutional way after the referendum, and the electoral law had been changed so that with 51% of the vote the opposition got 40% of the seats. But since things are harder now than they used to be there are rumors of a coup coming soon.

  3. j,

    Chavez and his cohorts will rig whatever they want, buy whoever loyalty they have to buy (they have plenty of oil money for that and unfortunately the Venezuelan society is extremely corrupted) and do whatever they deem necessary to control power in Venezuela and WILL get away with it.

    Heck, they have been doing it for the last 14 years and gotten away with it.

    The only thing that will save Venezuela is a mass revolt in which members of the military switch sides to the opposition.

    The issue is that I don’t think the Venezuelan opposition reality understand this painful reality…

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