More advances of the Castro ‘Revolution’ in Cuba

Fox News Latino brings us another advance of the Castro “Revolution” in Cuba: Body builders shooting up with cooking oils.

Cubans Shooting Up with Sunflower Oil to Build Muscle

Havana – Injections of kitchen oils such as soy and sunflower has grown among Cubans seeking to build massive muscles, the Communist Party daily Granma said Friday, calling the practice “deplorable” and irresponsible.

The newspaper said that the use of “magic oils” for bodybuilding is nothing new but “it has grown in Cuba over the last few months, with kitchen oils the ones that are most used.”

Granma stressed the “disastrous” consequences of the practice and cited Health Ministry specialists who warn of infections, the need for surgery and the risk of contagious diseases caused by exchanging syringes.

“A simple injection, badly done or as a result of the reaction to a substance injected, can even cause death,” the daily said, giving examples of youths who have suffered fatal complications.

The daily said that in other countries a compound of fatty acid and lidocaine known as Synthol is all the rage and that a bottle of the substance can cost as much as $300 on the international market.

“For those who want their muscles to look really cut, the solution isn’t adding some product to the organism that in the end can spark unfortunate results,” Granma, which champions the systematic practice of sports and exercise, said.

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