WaPo slams Radio & TV Marti director for telling the truth about Cardinal Jaime Ortega


If there is one thing the liberal media does not tolerate regarding Castro’s Cuba it is the truth. The truth is the Cuban dictatorship’s worst enemy, and if it were not for the complicity of the liberal U.S. media in helping the regime hide and obfuscate the truth, the American people would be much better educated regarding the reality that is the misery of Cubans. But the Castro dictatorship is the liberal establishment’s sacred cow, and since the truth skewers that cow each and every time, anyone who dares to report or editorialize on Cuba using facts is immediately attacked.

The latest victim of the U.S. media’s “propaganda police” is Radio and TV Martí director Carlos Garcia-Perez. In an editorial he authored on Martí Noticias, Garcia-Perez had the audacity to call out the despicable head of the Cuban Catholic Church, Cardinal Jaime Ortega y Alamino. By actually speaking the truth about the Cardinal’s vile complicity with the Castro dictatorship and his complete disregard for both Catholic and non-Catholic freedom-loving Cubans, Garcia-Perez broke the liberal media’s Cardinal Rule (pun intended): Never speak ill of the Castro dictatorship or its lackeys.

For having the audacity to break this rule and speak the truth, the Washington Post has now placed its crosshairs on Carlos Garcia-Perez:

U.S. government’s Radio and TV Marti call Cuban Cardinal Jaime Ortega a lackey

MEXICO CITY — Criticism of the leader of the Catholic Church in Cuba, who has been negotiating with the communist government to expand religious and political freedom, intensified last week when the head of Radio and TV Marti called the archbishop of Havana a lackey who is colluding with an oppressive regime.

The stinging editorial against Cardinal Jaime Ortega — signed by Radio and TV Marti’s director, Carlos Garcia-Perez — is significant because Marti is a U.S. government agency, with its board of directors appointed by the White House and its policies coordinated with the State Department to direct messages to Cubans.

Some analysts said the editorial could undermine Ortega’s position in Cuba and they wondered whether it signaled a lack of support for the Church’s delicate position on the communist-run island.

Marti broadcasts, according to spokeswoman Lynne Weil, “are editorially independent, although supported by U.S. taxpayer dollars. Their editorials, unless otherwise stated, represent the views of the broadcasters only and not necessarily those of the U.S. government.”

Weil said she did not know when the State Department saw the editorial or whether there was any discussion of its content.

“I would suggest that this is equivalent to a U.S. government statement and that people may conclude, rightly or wrongly, that this is a U.S. government position,” said Phil Peters, a Cuba analyst at the Lexington Institute.

The cardinal has been hailed by some for his role in the freeing of political prisoners and for creating a small but relatively safe space for citizens to complain about the Cuban government, including its tight immigration and economic policies. Cuba’s Catholic magazines contain some of the most lively, as well as pointed, criticism of the government.

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1 thought on “WaPo slams Radio & TV Marti director for telling the truth about Cardinal Jaime Ortega”

  1. So Ortega’s a martyr now. Somebody alert the canonization people. What a frigging fraud. St. Toady de Vichy, patron of collaborationists everywhere. And of course WaPo goes to Phil Peters, oozing bad faith like a pustule–but hey, his Cuba “expertise” is endorsed by none other than Carlos Saladrigas, who also endorses that of Jorge Domínguez (who invited Ortega to Harvard and naturally defends him). Lord have mercy.

    And by the way, why does WaPo omit the accents required by García, Pérez, Martínez, Domínguez, Sánchez, Raúl and, most especially, Martí? I cringe when I read a piece in Spanish that misspells or misuses an English word, and I’m not a leading newspaper. But love the photo of Pope Benedict with the world’s most fashionable bloodthirsty psychopath looming in the background. Vamos bien.

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