Lady in White to face trial in Cuba for ‘disobedience’

Via DIARIO DE CUBA (my translation):

Lady in White Yaquelín García Jaens will be tried for alleged ‘disobedience’ the morning of this coming Tuesday, Lady in White Yaquelin Garcia Jaens will face trial for alleged “disobedience,” reports the independent press agency Hablemos Press (CIHPRESS).

“I received the citation from the Popular Municipal Court of Bayamo where it states that I am accused of the crime of disobedience,” said Garcia Jaens who is 29 years old. She added that she was unaware of the fact she was being accused of a crime.

“Perhaps this is because I have been arrested on several occasions and warned that I cannot continue marching with the ladies (Ladies in White) at El Cobre,” in Santiago de Cuba, she said.

Garcia Jaens was arrested on two occasions in April. During one of those arrests, she remained five days imprisoned; on the other, six days.

The Lady in White is the wife of activist Ariel Eugenio Arzuaga Peña, the director of the Light and Truth Center for Human Rights, who in February of 2011 was sentenced to six years in prison for the alleged crime of “violence.”

The activist is serving his sentence in the Las Mangas prison, “popularly referred to as ‘The White Shark,'” according to Hablemos Press.

Garcia Jaens has not shied away from denouncing the abuses against her husband. “They are going to want to silence the protests by separating me from everyone else,” said the Lady in White. It is “the dirty way in which they operate.”

“Disobedience,” “disrespect,” “violence,” “public disorder,” and “pre-criminal social dangerousness” are the crimes the authorities on the island habitually use to accuse the opposition members in order to imprison them.

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