In case you hadn’t noticed…

palante 2palante 1

Er… How could you NOT notice?

obama-forward-620x340Mere coincidence?  Maybe.  In the Twilight Zone, maybe.

It’s one of the oldest and most over-used of communist slogans.  Forward, Pa’lante, Vorwarts,  and so on. Some have noticed.  Take a look here and here.

Below, a modest gallery….from… the Twilight ZoneForward_Obama_Lenin_lemming


5 thoughts on “In case you hadn’t noticed…”

  1. For what it is worth “change”/cambio was also one of castro’s slogans as well.
    Now its complete. All we need now are CDRs.

  2. pototo,

    The majority of Cuban-Americans understand the big lie hidden in the communist “change” and “forward” slogans for obvious reasons. We learned that painful lesson the hard way.

    Unfortunately many Americans cannot comprehend what Obama and the liberals are up to…

  3. Change is only desirable if it is to something clearly better. “New” may be better, the same or worse than the “old.” It’s really very simple, but alas, too many are apparently too stupid, shallow or perverse to get it.

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