Shame and pride

I attended and graduated from Belen Jesuit Preparatory School in Miami. My alma mater traces its roots back to Cuba where it was founded. I’ve taken ribbing in the past because Belen’s most infamous alumnus is none other than fidel castro, who expropriated the school and expelled the Jesuits that ran it.

Today I received the following from the Belen Alumni Association:


Belen’s “Wall of Martyrs” was unveiled on May 20, 2009.
Annual Ceremonies are held in remembrance of the Cuban Independence Day.

The Martyrs are alumni who gave their lives for a noble cause. Their lives were offered in the
pursuit of freedom & liberty for all. In some cases their death contributed to save human lives.
This year, the Wall of Martyrs Committee honors the following “Men For Others”:

Dr. Ricardo Pocurull y Oña, 1869 – Muerto en campaña, Guerra de Independencia,
Pozo de Piedras, Las Villas, Julio 20, 1897

Carlos Rodríguez Santana, Electromecánica ’54 – Brigadista #2506 muerto en campo de
entrenamiento para invasión Playa Girón, Septiembre 7, 1960

Raúl Vianello y Alacán, ’45 – Derribado en combate aéreo en Playa Girón, Abril 17,1961

Alfredo “Cuco” José Cervantes Lago, ’51 – Muerto asfixiado en la rastra que transportaba
prisioneros de Playa Girón a La Habana, Abril 21,1961

Dr. José Antonio Muiño Gómez, Sagrado Corazón, Sagua, ’36 – Fusilado,
Prisión La Cabaña, La Habana, Febrero 2, 1962

The ceremony will take place inside Belen’s Administration Building
and will begin promptly at 4PM.

For more information, visit the Wall of Martyrs Website


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  1. Belén can hardly be faulted for its Castro connection, since it had no way of knowing what the two snot-nosed Castro boys would later become. Also, Fidel (like England’s Henry VIII) was quite the Catholic as long as it proved advantageous, though of course he dropped the guise when that became more convenient. However, Miami’s Belén should be perfectly able to figure out what its close associate Carlos Saladrigas is about, though I’ve no doubt the association is a profitable one.

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