Castro regime warns workers they will be fired if they ask for permission to travel outside the country

While the media gushes about the supposed emigration reforms the Cuban dictatorship claims it will soon undertake, we now learn that there is a big price to pay for Cubans who want to travel outside the country. CIMEX, the largest commercial corporation in Cuba, which is wholly owned by the Castro family and run by the Cuban military, has just announced to its employees that if any of them seek an exit permit to travel outside of Cuba, they will be automatically fired.

Via CUBANET (my translation):

CIMEX to fire employees who request permission to travel outside the country

HAVANA, Cuba, May 8th (Pablo Mendez, – Beginning this month, the Cuban commercial corporation CIMEX will fire all employees who request permission to travel outside the country for personal matters.

The measure is part of the integration process taking place between that entity and the business administration group of the Ministry of Armed Forces (MINFAR) known by the initials GAE.

The new regulation is part of the 42/97 directive from the Minister of the revolutionary armed forces (FAR) that states: “All civil workers belong to the business division of FAR and if any ask for a permit to travel outside the country for personal matters, it will cause harm to the institution. Only employees who seek permission for humanitarian or health reasons will receive authorization and not lose their employment,” according to a note sent on April 27, 2012 to vice-presidents, directors, and general managers from Janet Basnuevo Andreu, vice-president of Human Resources for CIMEX.

1 thought on “Castro regime warns workers they will be fired if they ask for permission to travel outside the country”

  1. Well, the more things change in Cuba the more they stay the same…

    These so called “reforms” will never take place in Cuba under the Castro tyranny. The Castro brothers understand extremely well what it led to the old Soviet Union demise and will not let the Cuban genie out of the bottle.

    This is further proof of the smoke and mirrors tactics of the Castro tyranny. These tactics are aimed at the international community public opinion as a way to show that it is making meaningful “reforms”. In return the Castro brothers expect that sooner or later the USA and its western partners will drop the embargo on Cuba and fully fund the tyranny with financial credits that they’re never intending to pay.

    In the meantime, the Cuban people will continue to be slaves and a member of the Castro family will run Cuba for years to come.

    The Castros are working are trying to implement some sort of Chinese style system that will ensure their kids and grand-kids succession and these are further steps in that direction.

    Whether they succeed or not is another story…

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