Quite Possibly Worse Than Prior Presidents Combined on The Politics of Personal Destruction

We already knew Obama has an enemies list. Now Kimberley Strassel has a Wall Street Journal column on how the Obama operatives go after you if you are in opposition to him.

The ever loyal Washington Post felt the need to dig up some Mitt Romney high school bullying idiocy, as if, on the heels of Obama’s gay marriage evolution, Romney is a gay basher … or something. But as we have seen the last few weeks, whenever the Obama machine of operatives, in allegiance with the MSM, decide to hit Romney with some insignificant failing in an attempt to attack his character, Obama’s own personally read memoir comes back to haunt him…

Not to mention Obama’s own wasted youth while attending high school.

The Romney dog scandal ended up giving Obama indigestion. Attacking Ann Romney as a worthless stay-at-home mother only resulted in pointing out the female staff in Obama’s administration get paid 18% less than their male counterparts.

This tactic is obviously backfiring. Problem is, between Obama, his administration and talking heads, and the MSM there isn’t one single adult in the room. It’s all very Orwellian and Soviet at the same time.

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